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Although hair ties are necessary safety attire, they are rarely found in labs requiring them. Let's change that.


Anyone who has worked or learned in a lab is familiar with the key safety talk: Wear safety goggles when dealing with fluids, wear ear plugs when working with loud machinery, wear gloves when working with chemicals, tie back loose hair when working with moving parts. The safety goggles are on hooks, the ear plugs are on the shelf, the gloves are in the box. But what about hair ties? This critical piece of PPE is often left to the individual. If a lab attendee has not provided their own PPE in this regard, they either cannot safety participate, or risk a serious accident. We hope to bring attention to and end this vital safety oversight, as well as increase diversity and inclusion in lab spaces, by providing hair ties to labs in the same way other PPE is already provided by default.


DiversiTies come in 1 pack of 20 individually packaged hair ties. 


Specifications for 1 tie:

Thickness: 3mm

Diameter: 2 inches

Color: Black

Material: Rubber

Item Form: Elastic

DiversiTies - Pack of 20

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