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The Time to Mechanize is Now

Intelligent automation solutions design for resilient industrial workflows

Concrete Building

Let automation become your competitive edge.

Your competitors are automating to meet consumer demand.  But did you know that more than half of all mechanization projects fail? 

You can succeed in building resilient industrial operations. Our experts assess your business, identify the best mechanization opportunities, and then help to execute the strategy effectively.

  • Choose the right project

  • Select the right automation tools

  • Understand the complexity of implementation

  • Model upstream and downstream effects




Leverage our tools and decades of experience in the field of automation to ensure the success of your mechanization initiatives.  


Learn your options for automation and the potential scope of your project

Vendor Selection

Get introductions to best-in-class robotics vendors based on your project requirements

Machine Design

Custom machines designed to achieve your mechanization/automation goals

Technology Selection

Learn which robots, automation solutions, and software can be used to streamline your processes

Project Management

Get seasoned support for project implementation, fine tuning, and go-live

Design Reviews

Third-party reviews to de-risk your in-house development projects

ROI Validation

Get a custom-built ROI model and have it validated by robust simulation tools

Training & Sustainment

Train your team to be experts in new technology to ensure adoption and ongoing solution success

General Consulting

Leverage our team's expertise to augment your organization

Robotics Engineers

End-to-end solutions design

There is no one-size-fits-all automation solution to match every industrial application. That's why we match your unique business processes with best-in-class systems to build an end-to-end workflow that will stand up to market fluctuations.

Our experts have deep experience in bringing together a variety of robotics and automation platforms, software, people power, and traditional materials handling equipment to create the most comprehensive mechanization solution possible.

  • Streamline workflows

  • Deploy staff effectively

  • Improve staff retention

  • Use facility space wisely

  • Build resilient, scalable business processes

Industries We Serve

Harvesting Crop Field


Cosmetic Products

Consumer Products

At the Grocery Shop

Food and Beverage


Container Yard

Shipping and Logistics


"Daniel and his team were incredibly helpful in getting our project back on track.  Really glad Mekable was able to steer the vendor in the right direction.  We were worried that we picked the wrong technology, but we found that with a few changes to the overall design we were able to meet our goals and are on our way to a strong ROI."

Project Manager

Major Retailer

Online Warehouse Workers

People are the point

Mekable was founded with a simple idea:  people matter.  We prioritize taking care of our customers, their staff, and one another. We enjoy doing good and having fun. 


We know you will have a great experience working with this team. We sure do.  


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